Carmen Castaldi (percussion)


Carmen Castaldi

Education: Berklee School of Music (Boston) 1970-74  Drums: Joe Hunt, Alan Dawson Mallets: Dave Samuels  Arranging and Composition: Berklee Staff.    Private studies (Cleveland) 1967-70 Drums: Ed Bobick, Bob McKee

Recorded “Viva Caruso” with Joe Lovano 2001 for Blue Note Records
World Tour:
-Maceo Jazz Festival, Brazil (1997) with Joe Lovano and Dennis Irwin.
-West Coast Tour with Joe Lovano and Cecil McBee (1997). Tour included the San Francisco Jazz Festival.
-Knitting Factory, New York (1997) with Joe Lovano and Kenny Werner.
-Village Vanguard, New York (1997) with the Joe Lovano’s large ensemble celebrating Sinatra.

Las Vegas, Nevada (1975-1986)
-Drummer for the Folie’s Bergeŕe, The Tropicana Hotel.
-Drummer for Keely Smith (1981-84).
-Drummer for Don Rickles (1981-84).
-Performed throughout Las Vegas with Monk Montgomery and Sam Most.
-Performed with Sonny Stitt at The Jazz at Hacienda Hotel

Los Angeles, California (1986-1984)
-Performances with Frank Strazzeri, Teddy Edwards, Bill Perkins, Dave Carpenter, Darek Oles, Jimmy Bruno, Tom Warrington, Herb Jefferies.
-Member of the Bob Gail Orchestra, performed throughout Los Angeles at major hotels and country clubs.
-Performed for the Governor’s Ball at the Academy Awards, Los Angeles (1991-93).
-Performance with Joe Lovano and Tim Hagans at the Jazz Bakery, Los Angeles, and The San Diego Jazz Festival
Cleveland, Ohio (1994-present)
-Performances with Bill DeArango, Ernie Krivda, Dave Sterner, Ron Bush, Dave Morgan, Matt Ray, Kenny Davis, Bob Fraser, Howie Smith, Chip Stevens, Dan Maire, Dan Wall, Peter Domiguez, James Moody, Jack Shantz, Dominick Farinacci.
-Performances with the Oblique Orchestra on the AllGoSigns One-Way series (2006–present). Performers included Dan Wenninger, Bill Nichols, Matthew Kiroff, Faith Chiang, Ed Stevens.
-Performances with The New Cleveland Trio (Jeremy Bleich and Joshua Smith) throughout Cleveland as well at The High Mayhem Music Festival, Santa Fe, New Mexico (2007-08)