Kyle Farrell (percussion)


Kyle Farrell

Kyle Farrell began playing percussion and piano when he was 8 and has been teaching since 2003 in various capacities. He has a certification in music therapy from the New School, New York city and a background in jazz, commercial and experimental music. Teachers include Louise Montello, Glen Shaft, Dave Morgan, and John Stebal.

Music has always helped him reflect and understand the world we live in, and it brings him great joy to share that with others.
In New York,  Kyle played with various gamelan ensembles. (a percussion based music from Indonesia) He also played in jazz, folk, rock and experimental groups on drum set, vibraphone and percussion.
He worked as a composer and teacher for the Warren Junior Military Band front ensemble and concert percussion section, while studying at Youngstown State University.
Among the skills that he has gained in his professional life, he considers flexibility and the ability to communicate with all kinds of people to be most valuable. While working at clinics and day centers in New York, he developed a deep passion for channeling his creativity into serving others; this is why he teaches.