Ross Amoroso (percussion/piano)

rossRoss started playing drums at the age of 14.  He studied drums with various instructors in and around the greater Cleveland area.  Ross played drums with many different jazz and rock musicians and groups during his career, including jazz and rock guitarist Paul Keefner, and jazz bassist Dr. Lawrence Shuster.  Ross was also the percussionist with the Euclid Civic Band, and the drummer/percussionist for the local production of Gary Trudeau’s (Doonesbury creator) musical comedy Rap Master Ronnie.  Ross has also done some recording around the Cleveland area.

Ross earned an A.A. degree from Lakeland Community College where he studied drums and percussion with Mr. Hank Avalone.  He also studied music theory, harmony and piano while at Lakeland.  In 2008 Ross earned a Creative Chord Style Piano Teaching Certificate and has also recently received a Specialist Certificate in Music Theory and Counterpoint from Berklee College of Music.

Ross is the author of two books:  Developing Drum Fills and Solos and An Introduction to Basic Music Theory and Harmony.

He has been a professional member of the Percussive Arts Society since 2005 and a member of the Teacher Integration Program of Hudson Music since 2009.  Ross is also a member of the National Association for Music Education and the Ohio Music Educators Association.  Ross continues to study music theory, harmony, counterpoint and piano as well as Northern and Southern Indian music theory, rhythms and tabla drumming.